Mugg & Bean consumers ‘mad’ about RED

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Have you seen this Facebook post by the largest South African coffee chain Mugg & Bean?

Mugg & Bean

We were absolutely blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response this image generated from Mugg & Bean consumers – and ardent red enthusiasts! When we started red espresso in 2005, we dreamed about it being a household name; something that people loved and expected to find in coffee shops… It seemed like such a distant dream but it is so exciting to see it becoming a tangible reality! None of this would be possible however if it wasn’t for every single person who ordered red espresso (in all its different formats), told their friends about it, served it at their homes for guests, bought a pack from their local supermarket or mailed us and asked where they could try it… So, a huge big THANK YOU – to everyone who has had the open mind to try our drinks and, like the people who liked Mugg & Bean’s Facebook post, proudly told us or others that they love it just as much as we do.


One thought on “Mugg & Bean consumers ‘mad’ about RED

  1. I just love the red espresso at Mug & Bean. How do you make it? I want to offer it as an alternative when the coffee drinkers make coffee with the espresso machine and the rooibos tea drinkers have to do with tea made
    from a bag

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